A fireplace is an excellent addition to any living room. It can be a plus for homebuyers, and most importantly, it is a great gathering place for you and your family during those cold winter months.

We treat your house like it is our house.
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Proper Fireplace Safety Checks Ensure your Fire can keep on Roaring

The safety needs of a fireplace are obvious – homeowners want to protect themselves and their loved ones from getting burned or inhaling fumes and smoke. Capitol Chimney has the tools and expertise to ensure your fireplace is in tip-top shape and meets the highest standards of safety.

From time to time, you may have trouble starting a fire in your gas or wood burning fireplace. Always check the damper first — If the damper is not properly installed, it may not open fully. This could also be caused by draft problems relating to your chimney. If a cap is out of place or not fully sealed, or if the chimney is clogged and dirty, a fire may not start or burn properly. We will check all of these things, in addition to ensuring a proper gas line connection and a functioning pilot light. Sometimes it is as simple as flipping a switch, and sometimes it is more complicated.

The Advantages of a Natural Gas Fireplace

While wood burning fireplaces are charming, a gas fireplace also has numerous upsides. A gas fireplace will give you a more consistent heat source. With a gas log fireplace, you won’t have to pull a muscle or dirty your clothing with logs kept outdoors. Gas fireplaces are also safer because there are no sparks and floating embers – a big plus if you have children who sometimes venture too close to the firebox. You also won’t see the same buildup of byproducts found in chimneys and traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Capitol Chimney can assist you if you need any gas fireplace repair services.

Our Fireplace Services and Repairs

We conduct a thorough inspection as part of our inspection service, and we will conduct a quality check inspection at the start of any repairs we have scheduled for your fireplace. This includes checking the firebox, metal screen, and doors for any damage or excess ash and soot.

Fireplace Aesthetics and Gas Log Installation

We provide a variety of services for fireplaces, including:

  • Installation of gas logs
  • Stainless steel linear burners
  • Metal and glass screen doors.

We work with a variety of gas log types and can work to create that unique look you want.direct vent gas fireplace repairs in central texas

Linear Burners

Linear burners are the latest in gas fireplace technology, and they create a contemporary look for a more modern home. We can install colored fireproof stones and adornments to create a stylish look. If you enjoy a more rugged appearance, we can recommend gas logs that are identical to the real thing.

If you have an idea of what you want but need some inspiration, check out our fireplace gallery.

We Service Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

More and more of our customers are switching to direct vent gas fireplaces because of their efficiency and safety. While the typical gas fireplace uses indoor air to burn gas and requires a chimney, direct vent fireplaces use outdoor air for the fire and can be vented horizontally, eliminating the need for a chimney. This is great if you want the comfort of a fire but can’t install a chimney for any number of reasons. In direct vent fireplaces, the air is pulled in from an outer air flue and out through another flue to exit the home. These types of fireplaces are completely prefabricated and include a glass and metal screen. This burning process is safer and more efficient than other gas fireplaces and traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Capitol Chimney Will Never Leave Your Home a Mess

Whether our work included installation or repairs to your fireplace, we guarantee no mess will be left behind. We always use a drop cloth or tarp when working in the interior of your home. Any dirt and debris are swiftly suctioned out of the firebox and surrounding area as soon as our work is complete. Sometimes, homeowners are concerned with their carpets, couches, and coffee tables becoming damaged during chimney or fireplace services. We will reposition and cover furniture if there is any concern at all.

We treat your house like it is our house.
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Fireplace Services FAQs

 A: We have 10+ years experience servicing gas and wood burning fireplaces. We have the expertise on hand to inspect, clean, install or repair any type of fireplace. Capitol Chimney is committed to learning about new technology and staying on top of industry trends. 
A: This depends on the type of fireplace service. Capitol Chimney will always provide services at a price that is in line with our competitors and that reflects the quality of work done. If you have a specific service in mind and would like a quote, visit our appointment page or call us to request a quote.