Capitol Chimney’s Austin Branch

Along with annual inspections, Capitol Chimney currently offers a full range of chimney and fireplace cleaning and repair to our Austin customers. Inspections should be scheduled for Austin residents once annually. We treat our customers as if they were our family, friends, and neighbors. We will never leave an Austin customer’s home a mess or do sub-par work for anyone who calls us. If you have any questions about Austin chimney, dryer vent, and fireplace services, contact Capitol Chimney today.

Capitol Chimney Austin Phone Number:
(512) 834-2261


Chimney and Fireplace Services Offered to Austin Residents:

In addition to inspections, Capitol Chimney offers a full range of chimney and fireplace cleaning and repair in the New Braunfels service area. Because dangerous deposits can build up inside of the chimney, causing expensive damage and health hazards, we recommend an inspection for residents of New Braunfels once per year. During the inspection, our technicians will identify any repair and cleaning needs and will take meticulous notes, which will be outlined to the homeowner along with our service options. We look at each chimney and fireplace as a unique case, and can work with you on a customized service plan. Even if no serious problems arise, we can always perform routine chimney and fireplace cleaning to ensure your fire roars all winter without putting your home or health at risk. With all our services we guarantee that your home will be left just as clean and organized as it was before we arrived.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Austin, Texas

The safety of our Austin friends and neighbors is our top priority. A clogged dryer vent can produce off-gassing and be a fire hazard — all in addition to leaving you with a pile of wet clothes. Capitol Chimney’s technicians will inspect the dryer vent components for lint, residue, and even bird’s nests. We’ve been fixing dryer vent problems in Austin for years, and we have seen it all. After our inspection, cleaning, and repairs are finished, we will run a test of your tumble dryer and clean up your laundry area. We leave our customers’ houses just as clean as when we arrived.

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Austin Gas Fireplaces and Remodeling Services

Your fireplace should create lasting memories for you, your family and children, and your guests. A gas fireplace can add a warm inviting touch to this focal point of your living room without the extra work and cleaning required by a wood-burning fireplace. We have the expertise to install and repair both logs and linear burners in your fireplace. We can also install safety measures like glass and metal grate screens — a great addition if you have little ones to worry about.

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