If you own a tumble dryer, you should be aware that debris builds up and must be removed from your dryer vent and ductwork for the same reason lint should be removed from your dryer filter – because it is a fire hazard. To avoid such hazards, you should have your vent duct cleaned out by a professional.

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Clogged Dryer Vents are a Hotbed for Toxins and Allergens

Detergents and fabric softeners may be necessary to clean your clothes and bedding, but they also contain chemicals, which are not safe for human breathing or consumption. A secondary purpose of a dryer vent is to help release chemical vapors from the dryer and out of your home. A vent that is clogged cannot do its job, and the gasses from chemical cleaners may be released inside your home.

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The lint that is stuck to the interior of the dryer vent can also absorb those chemicals, as well as allergy-causing dust and dirt. If you or a member of your family already has problems with allergies and asthma, a dryer that is brimming with toxins will only exacerbate the illness.

How Capitol Chimney Cleans Dryer Vents

A Quality Check Inspection is part of every service Capitol Chimney offers to troubleshoot your dryer vent, chimney, or fireplace. In the case of dryer vents, the first step we take is identifying the vent box and vent cap on the exterior of the home. We will be able to tell immediately whether or not your vent needs cleaning or repair.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

We will begin by disconnecting the dryer for the maintenance step of the process. We check airflow through the dryer vent exhaust, identify any barriers to airflow, and begin the cleaning process.

Professional dryer vent cleaners like Capitol Chimney have tools, rotary brushes, and vacuums that are used specifically for your dryer’s vent, which may curve sharply at the wall of your house. We do not recommend that homeowners attempt to snake brooms or other objects through the vent on their own. Doing so may cause further damage to your dryer vent.dyer vent cleaning

Once lint and debris is completely removed from the vent, Capitol Chimney will clean the aluminum sleeve, the dryer, and the area around the dryer for any additional material that may have been blown out.

We will then reconnect the dryer to the vent sleeve and reconnect the dryer’s power source, so that we may run a test cycle. A successful test cycle means that the dryer is spinning hot and the air is clearly flowing to and through the vent box outside of your home. Once a successful test dryer cycle is complete, we will clean up any mess caused by our maintenance work and leave the laundry area of your home exactly as we found it.

Animal Guard Cap Installation

Because your dryer vent exits at the exterior of your house, the opening must be protected from rodents, birds, and other animals. Sometimes these animals make nests, which will add additional clogging to the vent. Once inside, the animals will leave droppings, chew through the ductwork, and may even make their way into your home.

Capitol Chimney offers professional installation of quality mesh caps and screens that protect your dryer vent and ductwork from wildlife intruders.

We treat your house like it is our house.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQs

A: The best measure of a properly functioning dryer vent duct is how quickly your clothing gets dry. Gradually over time, you will notice that your clothing is taking longer to dry. If you have to run your dryer two or more times and your clothes are not fully dry, it may be time to have the vent cleaned and cleared of lint. You can also check the vent box on the outside of your home.

A vent in need of service will have lint and debris lining the interior walls of the exhaust pipe, and your clothes will be sopping wet no matter how many times you run the dryer. If that is the case, we recommend you immediately cease use of your dryer until after the vent has been cleaned.

A: You should regularly keep track of your machine’s drying time for different sized loads of clothing, bedding, and towels. Take note each time you have to run a cycle more than once. Having to do so every once in a while is normal, especially for an unusually large load of laundry. However, keep track of how often this happens. This will help you determine whether or not your vent is clogged.

Always clean your lint filter screen after running a cycle. It is also a good idea to disassemble and clean the interior of your dryer at least once a year. If your dryer is several years old, you may also need a replacement lint filter.

Check on your dryer vent box on the exterior of your home. You can remove a little bit of dust and dirt from the aluminum sleeve yourself. If you can’t lift the cap or you can visibly see lint and debris, it is a good idea to cease use of the machine and wait for maintenance.

A: The cost for cleaning and servicing dryer vents can vary widely depending on the location and layout of your dryer and where the vent box terminates outside your home. We can usually give you a more accurate cost estimate once we get some baseline information about your situation, so please give us a call.