Fireplace Repairs

Fireplace Repairs

We’ve been fixing fireplaces in Central Texas for over 25 years—we do the job right the first time, and we guarantee our work. Capitol Chimney’s number one goal is the safety of our customers, their families, and their homes, and we work hard every day to achieve this goal.

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Central Texas fireplaces have to deal with a variety of issues–settling foundations, shoddy construction, improper installation, and just plain old aging. And all of these conditions can negatively impact its safe operation. At Capitol Chimney, we’re experienced at handling all kinds of fireplace repairs, including: 

  • Firebox resealing
  • Damper replacement
  • Log lighter installation
  • Door + screen issues 
  • Masonry repairs
  • Equipment Installation
  • Most other fireplace repairs

When it comes to fireplaces, it’s difficult to tell a minor nuisance from a major safety issue. So, make sure you hire an experienced company to inspect and repair your fireplace systems.

What Fireplace Repairs Do You Handle?

Over the years, we’ve seen almost every fireplace issue you can imagine. Even though we may not have seen everything, we’re confident that our vast experience in Central Texas makes us the best option for returning your fireplace to a safe and efficient state. We’ve listed out some of the most common problems we handle.

Firebox Cracks and Fireplace Masonry Repairs

Masonry issues for fireplaces are quite common, whether inside or surrounding the firebox. Capitol Chimney is experienced at fixing all types of brick, stone and mortar problems, including:

  • Repairing masonry firebox cracks—many older homes in the area have masonry fireplaces (instead of prefabricated fireboxes) made of bricks and mortar. Over time, the constant heating and cooling of the firebox can cause the mortar between the bricks to deteriorate, and the resulting spaces can become fire hazards. We can fix these cracks by resealing your firebox and bringing it up to the current code. To ensure that it remains safe for years to come. 
  • Brick, stone or masonry fireplace issues—stone, brick and mortar joints outside the firebox can also break down over time, resulting in an unsafe situation for your family. We can help fix any fireplace masonry problems and ensure your fireplace is safe and beautiful.    
  • Refractory panel replacements—the newer prefabricated metal fireplaces use special refractory panels that look like masonry to line the firebox. They are designed to withstand high heat and protect the metal firebox from transferring heat to surrounding home structures and creating a fire hazard. These panels break down over time with repeated use and can become less effective, so they need to be replaced before they fail entirely.  

With 20+ years in the business, we know exactly what to look for when identifying masonry issues that could make your fireplace less safe. We’ve repaired hundreds of fireplaces in the area, and we can typically give you your options and costs on the spot. 

Fireplace Damper Installation or Replacement

A fireplace damper is a small flap inside the flue, which can be adjusted manually to allow smoke to escape or air to enter. Over time, these mechanisms can become damaged due to repeated contact with heat, smoke, and flames. Older cast iron dampers can also rust and deteriorate after contact with water. When your damper is not functioning properly, we can help by: 

  • Replacing an old damper—replacing a faulty damper is a fairly common repair, but it can present a challenge because the replacement damper must be the same size as the one being removed. After we remove the existing damper, we ensure that the new damper is seated tightly in the opening and operating freely. 
  • Installing a new damper—properly installing a new damper can vary depending on the type of fireplace and the chimney flue size. Although the damper is a straightforward device, like most things associated with fireplace systems, it can create a hazardous situation if not installed incorrectly.

Dampers are an important part of a properly functioning fireplace system, so it’s vital to ensure that they are in good condition, fit properly, and operate as they should. 

Fireplace Safety Doors and Screens

Glass doors and safety screens can be vital safety features for your fireplace as well as a conversation piece within the overall interior design of your home. Whether you’re focused on functionality or aesthetics, we can ensure that your fireplace doors or screens are properly installed and operate as intended to ensure a safe home environment. We can help you install or repair the following: 

  • Glass fireplace safety doors—whether you want to replace a broken or out-of-date set of fireplace doors or add a new one to an existing fireplace, we can help you out. We have experience with several types of doors and every kind of fireplace you can imagine, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help. 
  • Fireplace safety screens—a fireplace safety screen is often the only thing standing between your crackling fire and popping embers damaging your floors or igniting a fire outside the fireplace. They’re also useful for keeping children and pets out of harm’s way. Capitol Chimney can help with screen repair, replacement or installation. 

Properly installed doors and screens protect your property and loved ones from the fireplace’s inherent hazards. Let us help you ensure that they are properly installed and safe. 

Gas Fireplace Repairs

Gas fireplaces have become very popular with Central Texas homeowners and builders over the past 15 years. Several maintenance and repair tasks can pop up as these fireplaces age or experience heavy use.

The training, experience, and tools required to service and repair gas fireplaces differ greatly from those used for traditional fireplaces. At Capitol Chimney, we’ve invested in all these to ensure our customers’ safety.

Please check out our Gas Fireplace Services page for more information on the types of gas fireplaces we can work on and the services we provide. We’ve listed some common gas fireplace services we provide below.

  • Gas Log Installations 
  • Defective Pilot Lights
  • Corroded Valves 
  • Loose Connectors 
  • Bad Wall Switches
  • Faulty Toggle Switches
  • Thermocouple Problems
  • Broken Thermopiles

Capitol Chimney is experienced working on traditional fireplaces with a gas line, direct vent and ventless gas fireplaces.

What Can I Expect With My Fireplace Repairs?

Our philosophy on fireplace repairs is simple–don’t let a minor issue turn into an expensive problem. Properly installed and functioning components are the key to a safe fireplace system. So please, contact an experienced professional as soon as you suspect something is wrong or you are not 100% sure everything is properly installed. Our process for fireplace repairs typically includes the following: 

  • We’ll thoroughly examine your entire fireplace system to identify any problems, understand the severity of the issue, and determine whether it’s impacting any other elements of the overall heating system. 
  • We’ll give you our honest assessment of the situation and provide recommendations and costs for solving any problems. Sometimes, we can make repairs on the spot. If we need to order parts or can’t repair your system during the call for some reason, we will provide you with a timeline and explanation of the work required to return your environment to a safe state.
  • We’ll make the necessary fireplace repairs or replacements to ensure that your system functions properly, that there are no safety issues, and that everything looks exactly how you want it to look. 
  • We’ll leave your home in better condition than when we arrived. You won’t even know we were there, but your home and family will be much safer after we are done. We’ll also leave you with tips on keeping your fireplace and chimney working efficiently until the next time we come around.
  • We’ll come back at no cost to you if there is a problem. We’ve been in business for a long time because we have a lot of happy customers, and we want you to be happy, too. If you experience any problems with your fireplace repair or equipment within 12 months of the work, just get in touch with us, and we’ll come back to address your concerns at no additional cost.

Regardless of the level of inspection, we will always be sure to leave your house clean and safe for you. We will vacuum up any loosened debris and dispose of any plastic cloths we may have laid out. If furniture has been rearranged and covered, we will not leave until everything is back in order.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and always provide high-quality service. If you don’t feel we have delivered what we promised, we want to make things right.

If you experience any problems related to your chimney cleaning or inspection within 12 months, contact us, and we’ll work to address your concerns at no additional cost.

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Pricing and Estimates

To respect your time and ours, we work to be upfront and transparent about our pricing and fees. In some specific cases, we can give you an estimate over the phone. However, since most fireplace repair situations are unique, we’ll usually need an in-person inspection to ensure we have the information needed for an accurate assessment and work estimate.

Once you approve the estimate, we’ll schedule your service call as soon as possible. As you might expect, we are busiest during colder seasons, so you’ll have an easier time getting an appointment in the warmer months.

Why Capitol Chimney for Fireplace Repairs?

We realize you have several choices when selecting a company to repair your fireplace. First and foremost, you should choose a company that employs experienced professionals and provides them with the tools and ongoing training to ensure your family’s safety. Here are some reasons why we think Capitol Chimney deserves your consideration:

  • We have a lot of experience—we’ve been repairing fireplaces in the Central Texas area since 1997. Over that time, we’ve seen almost anything you can imagine, so we have the specialized tools, training, and experience to get the job done right and ensure your family’s safety. 
  • We respect your time and property—we pride ourselves on not wasting our customers’ time. This means we’ll show up when we say we’re going to show up, keep our customers in the loop about what’s going on and clean up any trace that we were ever at your home.
  • We’re a safety-first company—most of our fireplace projects are done to ensure that your system operates safely and efficiently. When repairing your fireplace system, our main focus is to leave it in the safest condition possible, so you will have peace of mind.
  • We’re from here—sure, there are other experienced fireplace repair companies around, but Capitol Chimney has 20+ years of professional experience working right here in Central Texas and not many other companies can say that. This has helped us gain a deep knowledge of the construction, wildlife, wood and weather issues that can impact the safe operation of your chimney now and in the future.
  • We’re not happy unless you’re happy—we’ve built our business on the kind words and referrals of our chimney repair customers, so we do everything we can to make sure our customers are happy. 

Our Locations & Service Areas

Capitol Chimney provides chimney, fireplace and dryer vent services to most of Central Texas. Whether you need an inspection, cleaning or repair, just contact your nearest location. If you’re unsure which location is closest, you can contact any of them – we’ll take care of you.

Austin, Texas

We provide all our Austin chimney, fireplace and dryer vent services from our North Central Austin location.

San Marcos, Texas

Our San Marcos service area covers Austin to New Braunfels. Contact us for all your chimney, dryer vent, and fireplace needs.

New Braunfels, Texas

This office serves New Braunfels and North San Antonio with expert Chimney, Fireplace and Dryer Vent services.

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