Weather, corrosion, and the build-up of deposits can all have a negative impact on how well your chimney functions. Sometimes, repairs are needed to ensure your safety. After you have had a chimney inspection or cleaning, Capitol Chimney will go over any repair needs with you.

We treat your house like it is our house.
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Birds, Raccoons, and Other Animals Can Enter Through an Uncapped Chimney

We commonly get complaints from homeowners who hear chirping or bustling noises coming from the fireplace, especially during the colder weather months and into spring. If you hear these types of disturbances, chances are that an animal has entered your chimney.

Raccoons are dangerous. They carry diseases, most notably rabies which is fatal to humans. If you think you have a raccoon in your chimney or anywhere else near your home, we recommend you call animal control services immediately. Do not attempt to remove wildlife from your chimney on your own.

Pigeons, doves, owls, and other species of birds have been known to fly down chimneys. In some cases, they may create a nest. Once a bird has gotten into the flue, it may become trapped and will potentially die inside the chamber of the chimney. By capping your chimney and installing animal guards, you are not only protecting yourself from wildlife, but you are also ensuring that animals do not meet their demise by wandering into your chimney.

Capitol Chimney Has 10+ Years Experience Repairing Chimneys in Central Texas

After the initial inspection, we discuss all repairs and needs with the homeowner. We can work with your unique budget to help repair or install any important components your chimney and fireplace may need.

Capping a Chimney is an Easy First Step

Chimney Caps are an inexpensive investment we recommend to every homeowner with a chimney and fireplace. This is the first line of defense against damage to your chimney, and it is very easy to install. We use stainless steel chimney caps that are durable and airtight, protecting your chimney from rain and ice.

chimney cap repair austinIf you have a chimney cap already in place, we will check and re-seal it if necessary. These caps protect your roof and any trees surrounding your home from ash and embers that may float up while your fire is roaring.

Caps will also help protect your home from the wildlife that is prone to enter through a chimney. The mesh of a quality chimney cap will keep out the critters and their nests.

Safe-guarding Against Troublesome Water Damage

Weather is unpredictable, especially in central Texas. We may have below freezing temperatures one week, and highs near 80 degrees the next. This creates structural issues, because of the constant freezing and thawing of the masonry materials, including brick, mortar, concrete, stone, slate, and steel.

A crown that is water damaged may damage the rest of the chimney by collecting water. We will recast the crown with cement to ensure a proper slope that hangs at least 2-inches out, so as to direct water away from the chimney and repair any damaged mortar joints with new mortar to ensure no further water gets in.

We will waterproof your chimney with products and tools that are the best in the industry.

Chimney Draft and Draft Problems

Chimney draft is the physics behind how chimneys work to suction smoke from the fireplace and safely out of the home. Draft problems are immediately apparent to homeowners who find smoke billowing back into the living room rather than up and out.

Draft problems occur when there are structural issues that need to be repaired. For example, a damper that is rusted and broken due to water damage cannot help control pressure. Another structural problem could be that the wrong sized assemblies were installed in the chimney. There may also be an external factor that is changing how air moves through the space, such as an air or stove vent in the same room as the chimney.

Capitol Chimney will check each chimney componant and repair or reinstall anything that might be causing draft problems.

Capitol Chimney Values Your Home

Finally, we guarantee your home will be left clean. This is very important to Capitol Chimney. We lay out tarps whenever we do work inside the home, vacuum up any dirt, and we will carefully cover or move furniture if necessary. After the work is done, our goal is to see your home looking just as it did before we started. And your chimney and fireplace will be in perfect condition too.

We treat your house like it is our house.
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A: Capitol Chimney promises that if there is a problem with your fireplace or chimney, we will find it and repair it.  
A: There are many things the owner of a fireplace and chimney can do on their own to increase longevity and stay safe. Remember that water is the enemy of a fireplace an chimney — and that means you should choose wood wisely. If you burn young wood that is green, old wood that is rotten, or softwoods that contain moisture, your fire will not burn hot enough. The smoke won’t rise properly, and you may damage your chimney or fireplace.

When you are ready to start a fire be sure to check that the damper is opened and turn off other air vents, such as a kitchen stove vent.

Never try to used a handmade object in place of a chimney cap or animal guard. This will not work and might cause draft problems.  

A: This depends on the type of repairs or installations made to the chimney, the location and layout of the home and the chimney, and whether any wildlife need removal during the process.